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I did have the rear storage box, with an outboard inside it (plus fuel and a few tools). There was little other kit stowed around the boat, except for the anchor under the port seat, and both of us were wearing wetsuits.

I think the weight of the outboard inside the stowage box did have an effect on righting – I believe it made it harder as it was weight that had to be lifted around the CofG before it helped pull the boat upright at the end, and it was the same detail for the anchor and chain). Incidentally after a period of inversion the box proved not to be watertight so it was a quick trip to the local outboard shop to have the sea water cleaned out of the engine. This is a serious point, as an inversion with the outboard will normally render the outboard unserviceable until it has been cleaned out and overhauled. The other point worth noting is that after a while inverted the asymmetric tried escaping from through the chute. It was another factor to deal with – I just stuffed it back in as I realized I was not going to be using it again that day.

As an aside I no longer use the box. I found it restrictive when sailing more than two up and for cruising should I choose to sleep aboard I need the legroom. I now strap a large water-proof bag to the transom; I am unsure how that will behave in a capsize – I have avoided them since!

Because we were in wetsuits (something I normally do when sailing in scotland in summer) time in the water was less of an issue. However my earlier point was it is better to spend an extra five minutes in the water getting sorted so the first attempt at righting is successful than to have several abortive attempts and then take 20-30 minutes to right. Also if sailing away from the normal sailing areas a radio, flares and mobile are essential. We vaguely saw one ship and it certainly did not see us; thus we had to get ourselves back upright to get home. That focussed the mind a bit!

Michael – having survived two capsizes by my father when younger I can say that woodies do not invert in the same manner, you certainly have more time. When my world went over (and it was very gusty that day so the mast went to leeward) as soon as we hit the water between boat and boom I realized she was going to invert and we made our way out pronto.

After all this it did not put me off and I am now better prepared. Indeed this year I did a circumnavigation (same crew – brave soul) around the island of Lismore, between Oban and Mull, from Port Appin; 26 Nm in the one day, with a speed of 7.5 knots (by GPS) past the Lismore lighthouse under reefed main. I can highly recommend this as a fun cruising area, although the entrance to the Sound of Mull is certainly interesting sailing!