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Just back from some more wayfaring in South Devon. Launched at Totnes – Long Marsh carpark next to the rowing club – about 2 hours after LW (dont know if you can launch at LW or not) and headed down the Dart. We motored down to Stoke Gabriel (5 miles, 58 mins) and then sailed back (1hr 3mins) with the flood behind us. Very highly recommended – this stretch of the Dart is truly quiet and beautiful, we only passed about 3 or 4 houses in the 5 miles.

Stoke Gabriel is also a possible launch site, when we were there at LW +3hrs we could definitely have launched.

We also made enquiries re launching in Kingswear and Dartmouth, but all we have identified so far is the slip on the Dartmouth side of the higher ferry but apparently there is no car park there only on road parking. Does anyone know of any other options here?

Will be back next year for more.

W8866 Dumdum