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I have been using a road trailer for a few years now for my mk2 ,
make Indespension Rapide

I haul out using the winch attached an eye in the bow , 10mm SS backed by large V backing block in the front storage area, would be better to have it lower but that would have meant somehow getting access to the buoyancy compartment – next to impossible. The arrangement is perfect for hauling onto the trailer single handed. The only modification I plan to make is to get rid of the bunks and replace with rollers , a W does not sit quite square on the bunks due to the bilge runners.

One word of caution when using the hand winch , do not rely on the ratchet to hold the tension at any time , mine broke a few weeks ago , the handle kicked back and broke three fingers , right at the begining of a 3 day cruise!!! the most painful thing was to have to sit at home during a period of fine settled weather. 😥