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I have also been looking at putting a metal eye on the bows of my Mk II GRP W. I have sent my daughter inside the ‘forepeak’ to see if she can reach the area where the bolts would come through, and she can.
But then I have lacked the courage to drill holes and put an eye in place, just in case!
The rational part of me says there has to be a large wooden post there, so an eye should be fine, but I have yet to pluck up the courage to drill and then attach the winch and pull my boat out by this eye!
Thinking about it, the Canadian Ws all have an eye at the front, so it must be do-able. I think I shall check my daughter still fits (I sent her in last year) and if so shall set this up before she grows too tall. (mind you, she did ask that next time I clean the area before sending her into it!!)
Will let you know the results as and when.
Has anyone else fitted an eye to the bows?