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I have to agree with Colin’s point of new places to sail and people to meet and I also have to agree with Justthecrew’s point that those eternal triangles are brain numbing. Once round and even I can usually predict what is going to happen

I enjoyed Medway last year & Blackwater (was that last year?) , lots to look at, ships to avoid, and find the buoys (always an adventure for us – me shortsighted and helm colourblind)
I remember looking around Weymouth Bay this year and thinking this is simply glorious but then getting severely bought back to concentrating !!!!
and not allowed to look at the view

The Trapezoid courses were lovely down at Lymington, well I enjoyed them. I suppose it is something akin to the way we race at Waldringfield.

The Hellerup windward/leeward courses with 2 mile legs in light winds !!!altho I was told they make for good tactical racing (but that is only good if your tactics are good) but several times I asked my helm if it was time to tack so that I could have a change of view.

Each to their own but something needs to be thought about to encourage others to race – The Lark Class has worked very hard at this and now have Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets. As my helm said just to get a small thing for being in the last 20 in the 1st race or 8th at the first bouy made Hellerup for us.