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Hi Jonathon……..yes it steers absolutely fine while the engine has power (ie prop turning)………..you either have to stretch back a bit over the locker to steer (likely to be sitting on the hatch cover which depending on your weight and its condition could be an issue)………or,personally I fit a metre or so of plastic pipe over the steering arm to extend it and can stand up and steer, or sit on a side bench. I remove the pipe for tight turns as it can be obstructed eg by boom and mainsail. Personally I would recommend using the outboard without the rudder first just for practice at least ………….but if you have total faith in your rudder staying fully down and out of the props way (eg you are not going to motor into shallows when suddenly rudder up will hit the propeller. Also I would recommend getting an outboard with a neutral gear as well as forward if you launch where manouvering is tight. Obviously the issue is stretching back to fit the rudder on pintles when out on the water to start proper sailing. However chance for a holiday snap……….sorry! If it all seems a bit garbled its because I’m a bit rusty (see knee injury post……aaah………..just keep rudder and prop apart however you go about it.
cheers Dave