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Cheers for the sympathy all! Totally agree with beer and cycling approach but living in Brighton cycling is taking your chances for becoming a flat-packed Wayfarer sailor :twisted:! And maybe the beer already caused the porkiness 😛 ………actually I do do a bit of mountain biking on the South Downs (a mountain Matt might find a bit challenging to find out East 😆

actually what prompted my post was reading in the handbook some comment about the strain on knees (probably in the racing section)

as for your point Dave on heavy trolleys, launch/recovery, I couldn’t agree with you more about the potential there (for back problems too, why else does anyone sell a Wayfarer!) but I’m not aware I did anything then. Ah well, better go and increase the ballast instead for the next couple of weeks. Cheers once again
Update! Dave you’re closer than I realised. Physio has diagnosed cartilage problem rather than bursitis, probably caused by coming up from bent knees and twisting and lifting a weight at the same time………and then obviously running on it. Who knows? Your career as Internet Doc awaits!