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Where do you get standard galvanised rowlock sockets?

Some galvanised rowlocks came with the 8 feet oars I bought second hand, but on my boat I have Holt’s plastic sockets, which are much bigger diameter. I drilled out a couple of wine corks (10 mm) to take the galvanised rowlocks, and the corks fit the Holt Allen socket reasonably well, but aren’t that tough. I think any prolonged rowing would need replacement corks (which I carry) but it doesn’t seem quite the right solution longer term …

By the way, would anybody care to suggest a price for second hand straight 8 foot oars? The guy I bought them from left me to choose a price, and I am a bit concerned I picked a price that is too low (although he accepted it …).

Also, even if you can learn to scull in an hour, how do you learn? It’s a skill I have fancied acquiring for a very long time, but wouldn’t know where to begin (other than a place for the oar over the transom).