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On your way to the worlds you could pick one up from the Dutch dealer of Selden/Proctor here:

Optiparts Marine Equipment BV,
Merwedeweg 3A,
t: +31 (0)346-264395
w: http://www.optiparts.com

You don’t even have to make much of a detour, they are right next to the A2 motorway, between Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Getting one from them by mail order may be a bit of a problem. They are most likely under embargo to ship to the UK. And also masts are very expensive items to ship through UPS or TNT because of their length.


Mesterlodden 36
2820 Gentofte
t: +45 39 66 33 22
e: jacob@bmsails.dk
w: http://www.bmsails.dk
f: +45 45 88 60 92

Which is very close to the Worlds venue in Hellerup.

And also Thomas Raun Petersen, the secretary of the Scandinavian Wayfarer association, who has a little shop in Wayfarer specials, can get you a new mast. To be delivered at Hellerup harbour if you should so wish. Give Thomas a call or email.

Wayfarer Trading
Skovgårdsvej 15
2920 Charlottenlund
t: (+45) 3964 2007
m: (+45) 6130 6617
e: trp@wt.dk
w: http://www.wt.dk

Thomas is one of the Wayfarers racing.