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Just reflecting on this thread and I was following the first thread……

Surely inevitably there is frustration when a thread is pulled, it leaves a vacuum but the vacuum will get filled slowly. Like Dave I have not been able to access the thread on the UKWA website so maybe there is a technical difficulty and like Dave the separate system is not instantly obvious….and it is not as up to date, but I would guess that is because it uses website software that is not so user friendly and requires quite a bit of administration …..this forum is very efficient and instant and builds expectations that might not get met. I think this is the problem (and virtue) of the internet, we can sound off very easily….I am not refering to debate here

Now to go out of my depth……..if there is a protest in a race surely no results can be posted until the protest is resolved………and secondly if there is a protest should one not wait until the outcome from the resolving authority rather than debate the merits of the protest openly here. I presume that is why the thread was pulled. You can send pm s (private messages) for contentious stuff.

As to the New Wayfarer debate. I guess everyone is interested in how it performs and the more information we get from those who see it or sail it the better……..put those experiences here but probably they need to be detached from race protests?

Finally this does raise the issue of the role of the Magazine versus the Website/Forum……..instant results versus a full commentary for the mag …….or in the Cruising section a full log versus a few piks. These must be pretty new issues……..Hang in there everyone and keep positive