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Hi Keith…….no mixing is certainly a blessing………..the effort to avoid contaminating fuel and oily funnels with the amount of sand that accumulates with beach toys is a hassle…..and taking just one gallon tank would be great. ( The other benefit is that fuel goes stale and sometimes I have pre-mixed fuel I need to get rid of as I have no faith in it…..now I have a deisel car it will be harder to find someone elses car to put the stale fuel into (if they know its 50:1)……..all this is detail you really want to know!)

as to the coleman it is a 508A single ring stove from about 1992….but I have seen the same thing in the shops recently….the reason I mention fishing shops is that for replacement parts for my colemans lantern I struggled until I scored on the Internet with a Tackle shop in Kent…….

….the stove gets superbly hot……….it will slide on thwarts and locker tops if you are not careful…….I take it for a brew at the boat yard after we have picnicked and drained the thermoses during the day. Perfick!