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Couple of thoughts….It would pay to read the postings in the Cruising section too although I am sure Ian’s advice/diagrams are pretty definitive. What Dave Barker says is very true about boom ends getting very close or hitting the outboard when the engine is tilted so the prop is held out the water. My large Johnson outboard nearly gets clipped if I don’t release the kicker………..My Suzuki I used when I fitted the bracket is smaller and is well out the way whatever the tension on the kicker.
The major issue is the prop not being able to hit the rudder blade. I tend to remove the rudder completely for relaxed motoring as I have had the rudder pop up from improperly cleated down position………and then you are into filler, sanding and varnish….

Otherwise just offer up the outboard on its bracket with the rudder in the downposition and don’t drill until you are really sure.