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Cheers Johny ……..Instow looks a fab destination, I’ve always overlooked that estuary as I’ve been to Croyde numerous times for the surf…………suffice it to say we get into family politics as my in-laws are in Cornwall and if we have got that far west we are under pressure to keep going…..therefore we end up sailing at Rock nr. Wadebridge and this summer at Fowey. Along with Salcombe you have put Instow on my must check out list. PS Good luck with teaching the kids / mast issue.

Apparently the first sail of the season is always the worst and I can confirm this after a wonderful incident packed Sunday sail with our standard 6 in the boat……….one of our six year old twins kept yelling “I want a wee” while in his wetsuit while I was desperately scraping against the tide and no wind for the last 200 yards……….you know how sound travels over the water on a tranquil evening… then my teenage daughter furled the genoa ‘cos she felt like it…..thank God for outboards….my pride was gone. cheers Dave