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Thanks for your advice both. In practice I have done exactly as you describe (maybe not lifting the CB enough to reduce weather helm). I was puzzled by the photo in the log (165 Wayfarers accross the North Sea) and thought it seemed an interesting idea…… can see the furling drum and the jib looks like it might be attached too………obviously they have a crew to change sails if desired so maybe the intention would have been not to furl but switch the halyard over to the jib if desired (and roll the genoa and leave it on the deck like the jib.)
The other reason I was thinking about the spinnaker halyard was I have also been thinking about mast head bouyancy to prevent inversion. I was going to use the spinnaker halyard to raise a 20 litre buoy while practicing capsize drill with the family……(not all of us in the drink at once)……any further thoughts welcome……..(one day when I have skilled enough crew and helm I might even use the halyard to raise the spinnaker!)