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Hi Jim
You may have sorted this by now…..You should be able to access the logs but first you need to register on the UKWA website as opposed to this Forum…..its a very similar process. Bob’s first link in the post above should guide you in! Once in, the log access stuff is down the left hand side near the bottom. You’ll never need to get wet again…….go virtual cruising! There are quite a few Solent entries to inspire as well as the more extreme journeys. As for me its all very educational (aswell as escapism)…….I’ve ordered my OS maps of the Solent (by the way they are 3 for 2 on the OS website and free postage) but when I will actually go for a decent cruise is anyone’s guess! (too many young children etc etc). Put something up here about your Lymington cruises if you make them. Have you seen the Dinghy Cruising Association website….if you look at the South Coast newsletter archive there is more good reading to be had as well as potential cruises to go on if you join up.
cheers Dave