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Thanks for the reply Matt, Yes, we sail on Ullswater, how fresh that is I can’t say but it aint maritime. The centreboard does not have a bush in the hole. The bolt , with a 7.86mm diameter is sitting in a hole of 9.4 mm and rattling around just a little. Whether I can lay my hands on a nylon bush of 1.55mm is unknown yet but thats what I’ll try to do. I was also thinking of placing a nylon washer inbetween the centreboard and the inside wall of the casing, but only a very thin one. On the outside a rubber washer about 10mm across then a brass one against the bolt head and the nut. Any observations on this plan are Gratefully Recieved.Like the washing up liquid idea. Cheers. Anthony and Julie.P.S. the centreboard is being sanded and revarnished at present,willpost a picture of the mess I make of it when done.