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I would agree with Matt. In fact I have the exact same tent from Rob Wagstaffe. Only if you plan to stay aboard for a week or longer I would consider something more complex.

On the other hand, a long batten stores easy, flat on the floorboards. AFAIK a batten hoop in the rowlocks does not change the triangular design.

Having said my piece, I can only add that you should talk to, and trust Rob Wagstaffe?s judgment. Rob and Caroline are experienced Wayfarer cruisers, valued association members and most of all very pleasant people (and dear friends) to go out on a cruise with. Rob is the kind of craftsman that simply refuses to make solutions that are impractical or plain nonsense. Given his history in Wayfarer cruising and his attitude I would place great value on his opinion. He simply is not the kind of guy that tries to drain your wallet, rather he will help you to find the best solution for your situation.

Remember that my best tent design is not necessarily your best tent design. It all depends on intended usage, sail area and a few other criterions. Once you made your list of criterions and prioritize them, I am sure Rob will make the best tent design for your situation.