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its just ive recently aquired a sailing dinghy which seems to resemble a wayfarer however on closer inspection i cannot locate any numbers on the boat itself, on the sail in the bottom right corner is a badge: I.Y.R.U. ENTERPRISE, International Official Class, Sail Licence, 06784, above this is a red W, however this is debatable. On the main sail is the number 5070 in large black numbers, however no W ! Ive also looked around the boat itself for numbers and i think possibly at the back of the centreboard slot housing there may have been a identification plate attached at one time which now is nowhere to be seen. At the bottom front of the mast is a plate which has the number 74117 stamped into it. Now to make matters even more confusing i have measured the dimensions of the boat, i found the length to be about 4 meters and the beam to be about 1.73 meters, so as the wayfarers dimensions on this club site show 4.827m for length and 1.855m for beam, im now entertaining the idea that this isnt a wayfarer at all. Id love to know what it is, any ideas. I have taken some pictures of it if anyone can help.