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I bought a new Wayfarer World this spring with the intention of daysailing and cruising. We had a great summer and I am very happy with the boat as it came. But still, there are a few details that could be improved from my current point of view:

– Rowing could be improved. Current rowlocks are too low or not close enough to the edge of the deck. Also, with current nonremovable thwart, it is not possible to store one-piece oars of sufficient length on the floor (maximum oar length is cca. 245cm, but requires very complicated maneuvering around foot straps to store on the floor). I have no experience with two-piece oars yet, maybe these would solve the problem. Also, some kind of foot support for rowers would be nice if it could be made so that it doesen’t interefere with sailing.

– Floor in the bow compartment doesn’t seem to me to be robust enough for storing hard or heavy items with piece of mind.

– Aft storage box should be lockable and also easily locked to the boat itself.

– Mooring cleats. It would be nice if the boat came with mooring cleats installed. They should be such that they don’t interfere with sailing.

– Second reef in the mainsail should be corrected. There is something wrong or missing with current set-up.

– Road trailer should have bigger wheels.