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Hi Matt,

Sorry to say but your spinnaker record may be in doubt! During June 2004 David Williams & Tony Graham in W9735 “Taronga” flew their spinnaker continuously for about 10 hours from the St Ives area to around Bude, that’s about 50 statute miles by my reckoning. This was during their Plymouth to Pwlleli trip.

You may remember the Millenium Cruise, planned to have Wayfarers sail all round Britain to celebrate the turn of the century-which all came to zilch, well David & Tony have, over the past 4 years, in one-week stints sailed from Plymouth clockwise round to Lossiemouth in the Moray Firth, including visiting Northern Ireland and Stromness (Scapa Flow) in the Orkneys! Probably another 3 or 4 years to go to complete the circumnavigation!

The first 3 years accounts have I think been in the W News and I expect that this year’s from Ullapool round the top to Lossiemouth will be in the next edition.

The Humber to Amble sounds interesting though and with the right weather you could make sure of the spinnaker record!