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Hi Veggies,

Babbelfish fun….

8848 wrote:
I’m not clear why a double floor is bad for MI. (Not saying you’re wrong, just I don’t understand why.)

Perhaps because the weight concentration is more to the ends in a plus-s?

I imagine that a double bottom design distributes the weight more evenly over the whole of the hull, effectively shortening the arm of the moment of inertia. (a moment [tork] is a force [weight] multiplied by an arm [distance, leverage]). Also the CG may be lower in a double floor design.

Nothing is imposible, so I am curious how the designer will solve this issue.

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By the way National 12’s seem to go faster when they’re double floor not single floor because they’re stiffer.

It all depends how the two floors support each other. If it is only in a very few places it will not stiffen the boat at all. Worse, the hull may go wobbely over the ribs. A much more reliable way to stiffen the hull is by a sandwich construction. Not as crude as in the current plus-s. This technique was state of the art in the early 90-ies but today there are better solutions. Foam sandwich works, but its quite a thick laminate and the foam plates are hard to form. Not over the large areas of course, but in the all important corners where they should exactly join. Using a honeycombe filler renders a thinner hull that is just as stiff and much easier to make. Perhaps it weighs less too, not sure.

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Also one safety issue to bear in mind is that currently a righted Wayfarer full of water is very unstable and in waves can be a bugger to keep upright. Getting rid of that water quickly is important. Not saying we need a double floor necessarily, but we do need a way to get rid of the water quickly once righted, and bucketing is not quick (esp. in waves!).

True, but if you have a choise:

1. Not self bailing but easy to right.
– Bucket bailing

2. Self bailing but goes turtle immediatly and is very hard to get up again.
– CB that is too high up in the air.
– much higher righting moment.

What would you prefer?

I am one that is not convinced self bailing is safer. I may be better of in an instable boat that is upright then in a self bailing one that has gone turtle and that I can’t get up again.

What would be the cruisers view?
I mean; they lack the convenience of a rescue boat….