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Gordon Davies wrote:
On another topic… I vote for the inexpensive and effective swing test to establish moment of inertia – I prpose we measure all the boats at the next Worlds and use this as a basis for establishing a standard measure.


All the boats?
I would propose to measure only the woodies and plus-s-es for they are the racers chiose. A cruiser couln’t care less about inertia unless it goes well with a dram of rhum… This brings us back to what I stated in another thread: “we shoul first establish what exactly a Wayfarer is….”

As John1642 stated in that same thread, inertia is not only about changes in waterline length due to yaw and roll, but it also determines how fast we can tack and how much speed we loose in a tack. And there is more. The inertia characteristics are perhaps the most important factor, next to hull shape, for alowing a new design to race.

I believe the associations should play a pro-active role in this matter and should not make the easy choice, which is to assume that it will be OK. I still have the W-World debacle in mind. (Or would you like to race a World?) Ray already wrote it; to be successfull the boat must also be a competative racer, not faster but just as good as the best in the fleet. For that we have to check the inertia characteristics IMHO and compare it to the best in the current fleet, which are the woodies and the plus-s-es.

At the last AGM I reminded the exec comittee of the policy to modernize the class rules and measurement methods, a policy that was decided upon some years ago. With the Hartley developments this matter (establishing “what a W is”) has become more urgent then ever IMHO. In any case the R&D comittee has an awfull lot to do during the coming months.