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I converted my 3000 from kicker to Gnav, and raising the lowers from the gooseneck to the new strut attachment point was certainly essential. Personally though, even as a crew, I don’t think the benefits of a Gnav would outweigh the complications.

On the other hand, I’d love a higher boom! Both when racing and cruising the boom obscures vision to leeward, and I’m starting to lose count of the number of times I’ve hit my head when tacking. Also, despite being only 1.75 metres tall, I still can’t simply sit on the thwart and let the boom pass over my head in light airs.

The performance loss of raising the boom 15cm would be minimal (a Snipe with an incredibly high boom can beat a Wayfarer on the wind – the genoa preserves the aspect ratio), especially if a Fireball-style full width top batten was adopted, which should also help de-powering and sail longevity.

Just a pipe-dream, I know – the change is too great – but one I indulge in almost every tack!