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At the last UKWA meeting, held Monday 18th September Richard Hartley summarised progress for a new Wayfarer. The design will allow for a racing boat, a cruising boat and a family boat representing the three main markets.

The hull shape will of course be the same for all. The racing version will be the driver for the hull shape, which will be ‘as fast as the fastest Wayfarer but not faster’.

The racing version will be extremely stiff to compete successfully with wood boats.

Special attention is being given to the capsize characteristics. The boat when capsized should have minimal tendency to turtle and the centreboard should be at any easly accessible height. When righted the boat should be stable and water should clear easily.

The price will be driven down to match the latest designs and the quality will be top drawer. The interior layout will look superb to match any of the latest designs.

To achieve all this Richard Hartley has brought in Phil Morrison, who many will know is the leading exponent of dinghy design.

And yes, all comments on the forum and elsewhere have neen noted!

Just requires a genius like Phil Morrison with Hartley’s backing to get as close to all our wishes as possible!