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The Notice of Race is published by the organizing authority (RRS 88.2a) which may be ISAF, a MNA, a club, a class association…. see RRS 88.1 and 88.2. For a major class event I would prefer the class to be part of the organizing authority – after all it is the class not the club that confers to a class assocition member the honour of being declared national or regional champion, or of being qualified to represent the class at an intrrnational event

The Race Committee publish the SIs – see 89.2a and conducts races as directed by the organizing authority.

As I read this this means that the class can have an input into SIs used for Wafarer class events.

My point was that some Wayfarer events – not the UK Nationals, nor the Europeans – were using SIs that are somewhat dated in several respects:

– proposing solutions to problems that no longer exist;
– repeating rules that are already incoporated into the RRS

I will propose comments and modifications to the clubs concerned and to UKWA for consideration.

On a wider point there is the question of the type of racing proposed with, at one extreme, the old Olympic format of one race per day lasting some 2 to 3 hours, and at the other the 4/5 (or more) race per day format with races lasting some 20/30 minutes. I personally feel that we should offer both long abd short races, and where local conditions permit, why not offer coastal races where navigation and the very specific charecteristics of the Wayfarer might be shown to great avantage…

Gordon Davies