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From Hartley’s perspective, if he is to sell new boats for racing then customers need to know that his boats are as good as the best out there. If not there is no market, and that is bad for the class as no newcomers will join for racing. Without the newcomers the class is doomed as natural attrition takes its toll of the existing racing community. Let’s hope that the new design is perceived to be just a little bit faster that what anyone can buy today.

However this logic does indeed assume that there are potential Wayfarer racers waiting in the wings for a competitive and reasonably priced new boat for them to buy. My hope is that such people do exist because Wayfarers fill a niche for heavier than average helms. What else is there apart from keelboats for heavy helms? All trapese classes are ruled out (except double trapeze, which is hardly the same market) because the weight has to be in the crew not the helm. It seems to me that the other 2 person dinghy classes are suited to light or average helm weight.

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