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The best sailors will stay out front because they are prepared to put in the effort. One part of that effort is getting the best equipment. I would prefer the best sailors sailing “off the shelf” new boats available to all, rather than an ever decreasing stock of reconstructed old boats.

In most other classes sailing a recent boat is not considered cheque book sailing for the privileged few, but is the norm. However boats are sold to aspiring racers, who can be competitive with these boats plus alot of training and effort.

I would be happy to see 20 of the best sailors investing in new boats as soon as they are available, as this would mean 20 good boats moving down the fleet. The difficult part is making a boat that will be a “must have” whilst not instantly out classing the rest of the fleet. Harltey’s have every interst to acheive this – if all recent boats drop hugely in value there will be fewer potential customers with the wherewithal too order new boats.
A delicate balancing act – Hojo has been doing it at Petticrow’s for years, enabling the Dragon to prosper as an International class.