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Depending upon how it frames its rules, I suppose that the Class Association is not obliged to accept boats from a specific builder for racing or even cruising membership if it considers them incompatible.

Not a great idea long term, for sure, but as in marriage the relationship between builder and CA can ensure both thrive if it is a co-operative partnership; if either resorts to dictatorship it will likely mean disaster for both.

My view is that a new builder is a great opportunity for the class to grow – the availability of good quality g.r.p. boats at an affordable price is vital to any class.

If the new boats are significantly faster or slower than the present top boats, however, it could be bad news for both sides, and unfortunately the general perception of their speed is more significant than the reality. Talk of the hull form being optimised by Morrison is therefore slightly concerning, though it?s also important to remember that a boat which is optimised for one set of conditions might be worse in others… ?As quick as the present top boats? would be brilliant.