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as Ray has said, if you feel the urge to standardise on the SI’s please standardise away! My view is to make them as simple as possible based on the RRS guidelines. I like to avoid Z flag penalties but stick with P, I or black flag rules. Normal 5,4,1 go sequence, of course. There’s usually local safety stuff to do with tally systems etc. If that exists then I suggest charity donations for a first tallying offence rather than anything affecting race scores. For a second offense then penalise as much as you wish!

My real interest is in the format and courses. On open water events and reservoirs the olympic triangle sausage courses are popular and work very well. Finish can be either at the upwind mark, or after the downwind mark after a short finishing reach to the finish line. Clearly triangle/sausage courses don’t usually work well on estuaries, and for those venues the locals will know how to set a decent course.

We seem to have “standardised” on races that last about 75 or 80 minutes, or shorter (say 60 minutes) if we have three races back-to-back. It’s nice to get 4 laps in I think because then you get 2 runs rather than just the one, and runs can be quite tactical (whereas the reaches concentrate more on speed). On a 60 minute course, 4 laps makes for rather short legs so you may have to sacrifice a run (which is a shame), so there are choices to be made on race length, number of laps and length of the beats.

Generally if there is a reasonably long sail from the shore to the race area, or if launching is a bottleneck, then 2 races a day is enough. There are several venues where launching is quick and easy and the distance to the course is short (e.g. reservoirs) and here it is quite reasonable to sail 3 races per day, and it can be nice to put in a break ashore to avoid three races all back-to-back which is a bit challenging as you always seem to get cold hanging around between races!

Those are my views…