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For information of those coming to the Westerns. Sue and I will be at the Club from 1400hrs on Friday 15 Sept to welcome early arrivals. We will be either in the club grounds, or occupying a Hymer motor caravan just outside. For newcomers to Starcross, boats have to be walked through the tunnel under a railway line to gain access to the boatpark and the tallest vehicle that can get in to the carpark is a Citroen Picasso or Renault Megane Scenic.
Tobes, Alan, Colin, Your motorhomes can stay at the layby just outside the club as before or should there be a camp gathering at Ladys Mile just a few miles towards Dawlish you may want to relocate there.
The plan for Friday evening would be a stroll to the Turf Lock pub along the River Bank, accessible by foot or water only. Good food and real ale to be had.
Full cooked breakfast will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Starcross clubhouse. You will be given an access code for the shower and loo block upon arrival.