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Thanks for the reply, Colin.

Having just attended a Wayfarer event, the Irish Nationals, I noticed that were several points in the SIs that seem to be a relic from more ancient versions of the Racing Rules. I was wondering whether there were standard SIs, or class recommendations, that might need updating…or whether the SIs had just been handed down from one club to another over the years.

This is a recurring problem in many classes.

In any case I will be writing a proposed update for the SIs that were used for this event that I will give to the Irish class secretary in good time for their AGM… Unfortunately, the Irish rep having been out of action for health reasons for some time.

One point that I did note – the races seemed somewhat long for a small fleet. After 25-30 minutes sailng the fleet psreads out and there are only minor changes to the placings. 3 races were sailed per day. By eliminating the 3rd round of a “super-olympic” (triangle sausage triangle) 4 or even 5 races could have been sailed. Is there a class policy on this?

Sorry to be a bit of a SI nerd. Having spent nearly a year re-writing opur club SIs to conform to the ISAF template (one day’s writing and 364 negociating…) and having had to deal with some weird and not so wonderful SIs elsewhere, I feel that any departure from the ISAF template has to be justified by very specific and over-riding needs of the class.