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My first memory was when my father bought No 71 in about 1959/60, and on the way home the wheel of the new trailer started to come apart and he stopped the car just in time, blocking the notorious ‘Bagshot Lights’ on the A30. Trouble was having not liked being made to crew in a Firefly when v. young, I was refusing to ever get into a sailing boat again – ever. so I didn’t actually ever sail in her nor in anything for another 40+ years… but as you all know ever doesn’t always last for ever, and when Matthew (‘monkey on the stick’ is the polite version) was too big to fit into his Cadet and I had spent 4 years watching, we bought 9322 to race together (race because the safety boats would be out!!) and now we are enjoying 8200 so much and clocking up hours of sailing, and maintenance. I found a snap of Wayfarer 71 recently and to my amazement she was exactly the same shade of blue as 8200 ‘Cordon Bleu’ 😀

‘idiot in front’