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Steve W76

To celebrate 65 years of Wayfarer, and W76’s 64th year, I got a bit of a spurt on.


Toestraps now secured fore and aft.

Rear hatch now secured, and watertight.

Which means, it must be launch time.

After a very nerve-wracking first tow, we duly arrived at Alton Water. I wanted a non-windy dry day for the first launch…..

Yeah! It floats!

And, Yeah! It sails! We managed to get afloat back in early July. First sail deemed a success, we managed to sail in dry slot on a wet day. Senior management is not “boaty” by any stretch of the imagination, so I am forever grateful for her support in all “boaty” matters. She prefers being sailing “near the edge”, with minimal wind, and preferably sunny. We managed 2 out of 3 on our first sail.

I’ve (we’ve) been away (kayaking/waterskiing/dinghy sailing) in Menorca for the past couple of weeks, so we have our first return to the boat, and possible sail tomorrow. Tomorrow should be the first warm, sunny, non-windy day of August. Fingers crossed.

And, yes I do know the boom isn’t plugged into the gooseneck in the photo above. It was about 5 minutes after the photo was taken.