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Nick Collingridge

I know this is very much a novice question, but as someone who has a Wayfarer with an aft mainsheet and a traveller, is part of the point of rigging the mainsheet this way, with a centre main, that the harder you pull on the sheet, the higher up the bridal it rises enabling you to point the boat better without having to adjust the traveller?

Further to the above, with a mainsheet rigged in this way how do you adjust things so that the boom is more to windward if you want to point even closer to the wind – or is this something that one should never want to do anyway for aerodynamic or other reasons?

I apologise in advance if my question is very obvious, but although a keen sailor I have never raced my Wayfarer or, for many years, any other dinghy, so the finer details of trim are somewhat alien to me!