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Ian W371

Hi Jerome,

Thanks. W371 was purchased from the Bedford area, she is I feel, generally in good condition structurally, having received major works regarding her CB case in the recent past by a previous but one owner. Since purchase I have re secured some of her timber floors to the chine stingers where they were becoming detached due to faster wastage and glue failure and I’ve sorted out the hatch covers, catches, seals and re secured bulkhead stiffeners in the fwd chamber, spending a fair amount of time so far chasing leaks around the bulkheads. I see evidence of sikaflex adhesive/sealant in various places on the hull so I guess there must be issues lurking beneath and I will investigate sooner than later. Cosmetically  she needs varnish attention on decks and I plan to repaint her hull this winter. I have limited knowledge of history other than what the previous owner told me, he purchased her from a naval officer based in Scotland, and the association has some previous history including measurement, when she was based around the Portsmouth and Hayling Island areas during late 90’s and early 2000’s. Ian porter remembers seeing her out and about in Chichester Harbour over the years. Can’t find a builders plate so not sure whether she is a Small Craft boat or another builder or home kit, but I understand most were professionally built. She is 1961 vintage so that was only a few years into production, I’m guessing small craft. Looking at her deck beam joinery I think she exhibits a professional build and I think reasonably symmetrical too which is another indicator. I chose a Wayfarer for cruising capability, based in Rye in East Sussex.