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Particularly nice to read you post Steve, as I spoke to Susie about the W76 after seeing the ad in the Newsletter, such a nice person to chat to. At the time I was looking for some Wayfarer benches for my other boat. Susie talked me out of taking the boat as she thought it was too much work, you are obviously made of sterner stuff than me.

Since then I have acquired W212 a 1960 Wayfarer which came with very good benches. I had intended to strip the boat of anything worth saving but it was in such good condition that it would have been a crime to scrap a perfectly recoverable boat. So now I find myself restoring a boat not a million miles ( in time) away from yours, The deck was damaged so needs replacing, preparation well under way but too cold in my garage to do any gluing so I haven’t ordered any ply.

The main reason I’ve made contact is, if you’re not too far away, I’d like to visit you in the not too distant future if possible?,( I think Boris has put the kybosh on that), to have a look at your boat to get an over view of the type of fittings it has as I’d like to restore W212 as it would have been, if possible. Perhaps photos if that’s not possible?

Whilst waiting for warmer weather I’ve been sanding everything 0n the inside ready for paint or varnish as well as the wooden mast and boom.

I look forward to your thoughts.