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Hey guys – thank you both for your replies – much appreciated. I should probably explain a little more – whilst I am excited about sailing my new boat, and this wil be its primary use, I will also be using it with the outboard at times, even without the mast – for a very specific reason! I am a professional archaeologist, and carry out aeril photography at work on our sites using cameras suspended from kites. I will be looking to do some kite photography from the wayfarer, and whilst people have done this with sails up, it will take some more sailing experience before I even attempt that!

I have been looking at the tide streams in the river Orwell, where it will predominantly be used, and they are not too strong – but I will be looking to use it on other estuaries/rivers too, where the tides are much stronger. I was considering a 2 stroke engine, to allow more weight for similar power, but realise one of these would need to be second hand.

I would appreciate any further advice, and re the initial question, whilst I still do not know the weight of a removable outboard bracket, I notice that they are often made of aluminium rather than stainless, as I had originally thought.

Re the kite photography – here are a few aerial shots I took over the water on the weekend. They were taken at my new club.




 photo club 1 small_zpskzstkiws.jpg

 photo club 2 small_zpsuvuoatax.jpg