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An outboard should be the least of your worries. Over the past two years I have took mine along to the Loch Dergh rally only, and guess what, I didn’t use it at all. It was just a big weighty we needed to compensate by sitting further forward than usual. And still the transom dragged through the water, slowing us down. Also the propeller kept hitting things it shouldn’t

A Wayfarer is a very manoeuvrable boat and I can bring here to a full stop exactly where I want it in almost any harbour, dock or box. In strong and light winds. Take your time by slowing down, take the jib away, make a plan and make sure the crew knows what you are planning. It is fun to practise those manoeuvres and they will earn you a lot of respect when you master them. I have seen more docking manoeuvres fail due to the use of an engine (too much power, too high speed, facing backward to control the engine and not paying attention to what was happening in front, etc, etc.).

In very light winds one paddles, it s a good exercise! Other than that, one only carries an engine for others. Have you noticed that all Wayfarers carry a sturdy tow rope, just in case someone brings an engine?