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Have you tried Google translate?

Anyway, I’ll try to describe the systems I encountered on Fru Larsen (Mrs. Larsen) Bo Christensen’s boat.

Tracks are fitted to the inside (upright part) of the gunwales. That is above the forward bench. The tracks are parallel to where we usually have them on the top of our benches. In other words, the same distance from the stern.

The Genoa cars have just an eye and at the aft end of the tracks are a cleats.

A barberhauler runs from the front of the track, where it is fixed, through the eye on the car, then turns 90 degrees towards a block, goes through the becket of the block and then turns 180 degrees, back through the eye on the car. From there it turns 90 degrees again towards the end of the track where it is fixed in a cleat.

Try to visualise this and note that when the car is moved along the track the distance between the block and the car does not change. The barberhauler line slides through the car and the block but the distance stays the same. If the barberhauler is uncleated and pulled the block moves towards the gunwale and if it is released the block moves towards the centre of the boat.

Obviously the block carries the Genoa sheet.

The sheet is tensioned by cleating it in a cleat on the windward gunwale, next to the crew. Under tension the Genoa block will float in mid air but when the tension is released, like in a tack, the (now windward) block will just drop down and is out of the way for the crew to sit on the bench or the gunwale.

The new leeward block lifts up as soon as the Genoa sheet is tensioned and defines the sheet’s position. Boats have won international races with this system that is comparable to the H-track system.

To keep it simple you could use a fixed barberhauler between the car and the block but then there are two lines less to tweak…… Since we love to tweak……

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,