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For reasons relating to cruising and not racing, I would like to dispense with the front seats and thus would have to move the genoa fairlead / cleat position. I have read much on the cons of placing them on the side decks. I am not an expert…

Does anybody have any serious objections to rigging things much the same way as a Wanderer, with the entire arrangement fixed to the thwart and not a traveller in sight?

Also, I am intrigued by an earlier post by @Dave:

“The Danes all do it. They use a barberhauler system to fix the Genoa sheet in the right spot…Maybe I should call it a negative barberhauler because it pulls the sheet outward (towards the leeward gunwale) while it is cleated at the windward gunwale, right next to the crew. They even have designed a nice in/out and forward backward control systems for the barberhauler. I am sure there are pictures available. You may want to try the SWS web site?”

Yup, I looked at the website but am as confounded by the language difficulties as others seem to have been! Can anybody offer any translation help or find any pics from the site?


Many thanks for any replies.