‘Lizzie B’ and crew, plus John Norman, Queen Victoria Rally, May 2017 (photo c/o Nick Giles)

“The weekend ran very well. We had 14 boats register. 12 launched and we all had a cracking sail down to Osborne bay, where we anchored.

“The wind was Force 5. After an hour at anchor, we sailed back on a fast reach to Calshot. It was a good day, some very fast and exciting sailing.

“Lots of children and families involved, it was a good trip. I have asked one of the participants to do a write-up.” – John Norman

Brian Emmerson W10446, Greystones SC

“Very sad news in Greystones SC and the Irish Wayfarer community this weekend – Brian Emmerson passed away suddenly on Saturday evening (6th May).

“Brian was a long time Wayfarer sailor, his last boat was W10446 ‘Amelia‘. A really lovely man, a real gentle man, we will miss his kind voice and warm smile very much, may he rest in peace.”  – Monica Schaefer.