Internationals and UK Nationals, and NCS #5

Internationals and UK Nationals, and NCS #5

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Link to Greystones SC websiteThe 2019 International Championships, also comprising the UK National Championships, the Irish National Championships and the fifth event of the National Circuit Series.

This will be hosted by Greystones Sailing Club, Ireland – web page linked here.

Entry forms can be downloaded by following this link (opens in new tab).

At least 46 entries have been received to date (end Jan), listed below.

More details by emailing Monica Schaefer [[email protected]] or Tim Townsend [[email protected]]

An Irish Ferries special event fare is available through direct booking with Mark Cole at Irish Ferries [[email protected]]

Meanwhile, take a peep at the poster below for a taste of what the area has to offer:-

Entries received as of 30 Jan 2019:-

 Helm:-Crew:-Sail Number:-
1Michael McNamaraSimon Townsend10648
2Nigel O'DonnellBelinda O'Donnell11282
3Bill WhitneyJohn Shelton10688
4Paul HughesTracey Villa11129
5Mike WeighillCarl Martin11183
6John GoudieTBC11118
7David RobertsTBC10687
8Brian LambSam Pygall11170
9Liz FeibuschTBC11000
10Trevor CoxTBC10936
11Richard StoneCatherine Gore10974
12Colin MaySarah Wallis10768
13Tim TownsendJacqueline Townsend11012
14Mark PennyGail Penny10614
15Derek LambertRobin Younger10828
16Brian McKenzieLiz McKenzie10686
17David LawlorPatrick Lawlor11039
18David DoranTBCxxxx
19John TurnerTBC10952
20Margaret HynesMike Hayes10826
21Rodney HallTBC404
22John MillerRosemary Miller10695
23Mark LeeJane Lee11211
24Stewart ColtartCatriona Coltart10947
25Gordon JessRachel Bevan10596
26Phil PowellMike Board10916
27Rob WierdsmaSamantha Wierdsma10977
28David NixonDejan Jugg10939
29Jim HeffernanLinda Heffernan9059
30Monica SchaeferMiriam McCarthy11152
31Peter RedshawJanette Redshaw10798
32Richard HartleyMark Hartleyxxxx
33Scott RamsayLes Sherrett8263
34Leo Van KampenJoanne Van Kampen10944
35John CadmanPatty Kuntz9738
36Len JonesPete Mitchell11226
37Michael HaigNiamh HaigTBC
38Damien BrennanEoin O'ReillyTBC
39Gordon ReidFinlay ReidTBC
40Stephan Nandrup-BusHans Wiggers Hansen11006
41Seamus O'CleirighStephen TiernanTBC
42Mogens JustAnders FriisTBC
43Christian MilertTBCTBC
44Tony GearyYvette Geary11107
45Margie CrawfordTBCTBC
46Andrew WilsonTom Wilson11093