European Championships Day 3 Report

The report on Day Three of the Championships was delayed by a very convivial class dinner. Here is Angela’s report:

Races 6 and 7 on Day 3 of the Wayfarer European Championships, Weymouth and Portland

The wind forecast for Weymouth and Portland was not promising for today. Nevertheless, by slightly rescheduling the racing, the Wayfarer fleet had two amazing races in Portland Harbour. Race 6 started as planned at 11 o’clock.  The wind was changing all morning from 050 degrees to 100 degrees and the Race Officer was chasing the wind to save the race.

After a general recall and the hoisting of the black flag, the race finally got underway in a light northerly wind. The sky was slightly overcast and the cloud formation over the land did not happen. At the end of Race 6, the wind had dropped to 2.5 knots and competitors returned to the shore to wait and see if a second race would take place.

The first boat to reach the windward mark was Second Childhood III, crewed by Will McGrath and Sam Woolner.  The second boat was Pieces of Eight, crewed by Martin Collen and Donna Collen and the third boat was The Poacher crewed by Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend.

The winners of Race 6 were:

First: Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend in The Poacher

Second: Martin Collen and Donna Collen in Pieces of Eight

Third:   Will McGrath and Sam Woolner in Second Childhood III, (a borrowed boat)

Race 7 took place at 3pm and lasted 80 minutes during which time the wind speed varied between 6  and 10 knots. After two general recalls (one under the U and one under the black flag) the race got on its way.

The first boat to reach the windward mark was Guillemot, crewed by Chris Gill and Lisa Bernard; the second was Revival crewed by Roger Challis and Mark Johnston; the third was Studland Seahorse crewed by Geof Gibbons and Carrie Wilkes.

The winners of Race 7 were:

First: Roger Challis and Mark Johnston in Revival

Second:  Michael McNamara and Simon Townsend in The Poacher

Third: Richard Hartley and Mike Hartley in Just Chance

Another superb day of racing in Portland Harbour for the Wayfarer fleet in their European Championships 2014.

Overall results are available on the WPNSA website.