Day 1 at the Bough Beech Finale

The weather at Bough Beech didn’t turn out quite as forecast. The direction was right allowing two races on a trapezoid course with a long beat and run but the wind strength was not as strong as forecast, probably peaking at 17-18mph and averaging 12-15mph. 18 boats came to the start line. The Wilsons crossed the finish line at the end of race 1 to the sound of silence handing the win to Mike McNamara and Simon Townsend. McNamara/Townsend won the second race too but were pushed all the way by a clutch of boats led by the Wilsons, Bill Whitney and John Shelton, and Guy Marks and Mel Titmus.

Top six at the end of the first day:
1st McNamara/Townsend, (2 points)
2nd Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen 8)
3rd Marks/Titmus (8)
4th Whitney/Shelton (9)
5th Brian Lamb/Sam Pygall (10)
6th Richard Stone/Catherine Gore (12)

The Wilsons are languishing in an unaccustomed 11th overall but two great results tomorrow could still see them in with a chance of victory.

-Tim Townsend