DIY Wayfarer Tent article posted

There is a new article (in the “Technical – Cruising Setup” section) describing how to make a boat tent from two cotton fly sheets. If you have access to a sewing machine why not give it a try?

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Wayfarers Around the Isle of Wight 3rd June 2017

Details of the Isle of Wight circumnavigation cruise event are now available to peruse and to download.

Chris Tyler, the new organiser of this challenging and exciting event says:

Hello Fellow Wayfarer Sailors 

It is that time of year – almost time for the smell of varnish and not too much Epoxy (we hope), to get ready for the new season. This year I am taking over the main role from John and Jenny in being the main organiser for this event. John and Jenny are kindly helping as the Island safety cover, so will be seeing the event from a different angle.

Please can you come – it’s a great day’s sail. It would be great to have at least 10 boats. We have at least one experienced helm who hasn’t got a boat, so let me know if you are short-handed. more

Queen Victoria Rally 20th May

This just received from John Norman:-

Dear Wayfarer Sailors

We are looking forward to running the Queen Victoria Rally to Osborne bay. Please find attached the INFO document, containing all the rally instructions and the booking form.

To reserve your place, please complete the booking form and return to me soonest.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the water.

Best wishes


Christine Cavill

Cruising members who participated in our rallies in the eighties and nineties will be sad to hear that Christine passed away on 19th April after a long battle with an undiagnosed wasting disease which eventually was found to be a hyperactive thyroid. 

I have just arrived in the UK and can confirm there will be a memorial service on Friday 20 May at 1400 at St Marys Church, Shaw, Newbury RG14 2DR with a wake to follow. All are welcome. Sorry for the short notice.

In the future there will be a ceremony to scatter Christine’s ashes at sea at an appropriate time and place. 

Christine was a wonderful person who led a most eventful life to be celebrated, thanked and remembered. Mountaineer, sailor, race and rally organiser, concerned for peace and the environment, and enthusiast of all things technical she was proud to have met many talented and passionate people from all walks of life.  

As a Wayfarer cruiser she sailed with Michael Gale in Stockholm and Denmark as well as the Phillips in Canada. 

After our marriage in 1988 we cruised and raced our wooden Wayfarers on the East Coast, Solent, to Devon and Cornwall, Scotland and in France and Spain. In the Mediterranean we dabbled also in racing and deliveries of big boats before ‘retiring’ in 2006 to the Miniji keelboat (national championship boat for the handicapped in France) and to radio controlled one metres as competitor and organisers. 

Hope you can put a mention on the website and in the magazine.    

Home address in UK is 4 Walton Way Newbury RG14 2LJ tel 0163534448 

Best wishes to anyone who remembers us – they are getting thin on the ground these days – and to the Class in general.

Jerry Cavill, Wooden Wayfarer ‘Bon Ton Roulet’ by Alec Stone.

Cruising Conference – Trailing your Wayfarer

This is the excellent presentation (pdf document) given by Richard Seabrook at the recent UKWA Cruising Conference (2016).

Trailing Your Wayfarer

What is likely to break?

Read the 2013 article (pdf) here from Matt Sharman for his analysis of what might break on a Wayfarer!

What is going to break?

Wayfarer International Rally 2015 Lough Derg report

Ralliers at Lough Derg YC 2015

The final roundup – happy Wayfarer Ralliers 2015 gather at Lough Derg YC at Dromineer.

83 people and 37 Wayfarers from 11 countries thoroughly enjoyed a hugely successful International Rally in glorious sunshine for all but one day….

Wayfarer International Rally 2015 report

A goose neck fitting for your boat tent!

martins gooseneck full_photo

One of the problems of a boat tent is how you attach the boom tent to the mast at a higher level than normal. This design from Martin Miller is easy to make using bits readily available from B&Q (other places also sell!)

martins gooseneck full_diag2

The Goose neck is designed to be inserted into the wider section of the mast track where the mainsail feeds into. The top extends beyond the wide section of track and the rope stopper fixes the bottom end in place.

martins gooseneck full_diag1

These dimensions work for my mid ’80s Proctor mast. I know that the new Seldon masts have shorter feed slots and with these you can move them up slightly , if you wish. The aluminium can be obtained from B&Q.

If you’d like to download Martin’s diagram click the link below.

Martin Miller W7786


The Sea Takes No Prisoners – now available in the shop

Peter Clutterbuck’s new and extraordinary book is now available from the members shop for the price of £20 for uk mainland deliveries.

An enjoyable read for Wayfarer sailors and adventure seekers of all ages.

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