'Alma', river Trent, June 2015

‘Alma’, river Trent, June 2015

Over the years Cruise Logs written and recorded by UKWA members have mushroomed into an extensive library of fascinating articles, describing a broad range of different sorts of cruises. These now form a valuable source of reference and planning material for other sailors, and the physical records are available to members of UKWA as described below. The most recent logs exist only as electronic files, whilst the older, paper-based logs have all been scanned and stored as pdf files. These are accessible on a separate page, in a searchable table. Alternatively UKWA members may borrow a physical copy of the paper-based logs. Please first view the online version to check which log you require, then use this email link to check availability and request a log. Please ensure you take good care of the log and return it in the condition in which you receive it.

The Association also maintains a library of videos and slides related to Wayfarer sailing, available to members. (These resources are in the process of being re-catalogued at the moment, eventually).

How to Contribute Cruising Logs:

Why not share your experiences with others? Recount a memorable voyage, whether it is your first experience of cruising in your home waters or an adventurous foreign-going trip. Let others know why you chose your cruising area, how you prepared yourself and the boat, the cruising hazards you anticipated and the lessons learned. What were your favourite parts of the cruise, your most embarrassing or funny moments? Don’t forget to include some of your photos, or perhaps sketches or diagrams, or perhaps you would prefer to video your cruise (see below)?

We can all learn from each others’ experiences and creating a log can be a wonderful way to remember your time afloat. Send your log to the Log Librarian as an email attachment using this email link and it will be made available for others to enjoy.

Below: examples of video logs

[youtube video=https://youtu.be/B54DahBU3ms maxw=640 allowfullscreen=1 modestbranding=0] [youtube video=https://youtu.be/INTs46cF7-A maxw=640 allowfullscreen=1 modestbranding=0]