Craftinsure National Circuit Round 7 at Swarkstone SC this weekend (preview)

Craftinsure Wayfarer 2017 Finale at Bough Beech © Martyn Smith

Arms race in the Wayfarer Class? A dinghy class which has been around 60 years and is a strict one design with one builder where the rules clearly state that if something is not permitted in the rules it’s just not permitted. Carbon is not permitted. Laminate sails are not permitted. Arms race? Who would have believed it? As the fleet heads to Swarkestone SC for event 7 of the Craftinsure National Circuit and Travellers Series, high tech developments are the talk of the fleet. Why?

Swarkestone SC is a new venue for the Wayfarer Class. But it has a nascent fleet of Wayfarers and two of that fleet regularly travel to events at other Clubs, mainly in the deep South. These people like the off water activities of the class as much as the racing (although they struggled with the Kentcentric questions of a quiz evening at a recent area championship at Medway Yacht Club, Kent). They themselves describe Swarkestone as small, with an island, and with random blasts of unforgiving wind on gusty days. more