As expected Sunday’s sailing conditions were much tougher than Saturday’s (bright but with a cold and very gusty wind) with capsizes for a few of the top competitors, including Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen, Andrew & Tom Wilson and Bill Whitney & John Shelton.

Mike McNamara & Simon Townsend sailed serenely on, winning both races, and with them the Bough Beech Finale and the National Circuit Series. Andrew Wilson and his crews won the Travellers Series.

A special mention goes to Elliott Marks & Kate Fitzimmons who finished 6th in a Mark 2.

Overall results from Bough Beech (top five):-

1st Mike McNamara and Simon Townsend (3 points)
2nd Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen (9)
3rd Guy and Tom Marks (9)
4th Andrew and Tom Wilson (10)
5th Len Jones and Jamie Lea (13)

-Tim Townsend

Photo c/o Deborah Maynard