Boat Insurance

One of the many consequences of the current pandemic seems to be that a few people are delaying renewing their boat insurance. Whilst this is completely understandable, Mark Lee from CraftInsure – one of UKWA’s main sponsors, and the company behind the Association’s insurance scheme – has commented that “lapsing/cancelling cover is something we are trying to discourage as of course the Policies apply equally to boats ashore in store as they do to them afloat!”

Boats and their equipment are potentially vulnerable to theft and vandalism in unusually quiet dinghy parks and compounds at the moment, and we also have a responsibility to other boat owners in case of (for example) strong winds, which regularly cause boats to topple onto adjacent craft.

This is simply intended as a timely reminder, not to cause anxiety. Please contact CraftInsure or UKWA (details here) if you would like any further information about Wayfarer insurance.