Around the Isle of Wight

Around the Isle of Wight

“We had a good sail around the IoW on 9th June. It was the longest recorded time afloat for the event. We all set off at 07.30 and virtually all arrived back at Calshot at 21.00. It was quite surprising how we took different routes and all eventually ended up back at Calshot in one group. It certainly made it more interesting sticking closer together.

“The wind was – unusually – from the East; not the Beast from the East for a nice planing run, but a dying breeze, and only Puddle Duck managed to get the most from the favourable tide so as to avoid using their motor.

“We had 9 boats in all, with several going around for the first time. All four Tyler children (well, adults now) took part in different boats. It’s ten years since they were all sailing at a Wayfarer event – the 2008 50th anniversary year celebrations at Parkstone.

“The event won’t be held next year, as numbers were on the low side, and in two years time perhaps the up-and-coming cruising Wayfarers will want to join in.

“Alas we couldn’t find the dolphin that had been spotted by Hurst Castle – just plenty of large ships to keep us busy. A great day out!”

Chris – W28 ‘Chreselen’